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Rob Brown, owner of Teambrown Apparel, maker of officially licensed clothing by the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, sat down for the Baseball Happenings Podcast to discuss how they collaborated with the museum and the direction of their clothing line. - Republished with Permission 3/31/17

Teambrown Apparel reviving Negro League baseball brands in new line

by Derek Helling

A new clothing line, officially licensed by the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, is reviving the logos and names of Negro League teams to promote the museum and educate fans about the history of the Negro Leagues.

Teambrown Apparel, an off-shoot brand owned by apparel company Love, Linda, LLC is preparing to launch its line of Negro Leagues-themed t-shirts in concert with Major League Baseball’s Opening Day 2017. It’s new territory for the company, according to owner Rob Brown...