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Over 100,000 girls play youth baseball, but only 1,000 girls go on to play high school baseball? Their love of baseball—and their talent—didn’t just go away. So what happened to those 99,000 players?

There is a cultural myth in our society that baseball is boys and softball is for girls. Baseball For All is here to support girls who love baseball by providing substantive opportunities for them to play, coach, and lead in baseball. We educate the public daily concerning the importance of providing equal opportunities and provide resources for girls of all ages, especially ones who are told they are not allowed to try out for a school team because of their gender. Baseball For All teaches players, parents, and supporters to start teams, leagues, and tournaments of their own to create even more opportunities for our girls to succeed.

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A Message from Founder: Justine Siegal, PhD


I was 13 years old the first time I was told I shouldn’t play baseball because I was a girl.


My coach explained to me that he didn’t want me on his baseball team and that I should play softball instead. It didn’t matter that I was one of the best players on the team, that I loved baseball, or that I practiced way more than any of my male friends. It only mattered that I was a girl.


The day my coach told me to quit was that day I decided to play baseball forever.


Too many girls are still told they can’t play baseball because they are girls. I founded Baseball For All to empower girls to believe in themselves and to keep playing the game they love. I fear if you tell a girl she can’t play baseball what else will she think she can’t do? And what else boys will think girls can’t do?

Baseball For All is leveling the playing field for girls across America by addressing the social justice issue of gender inequality. I want girls to know they can follow their passions. That they have no limits. That their dreams matter.   


Join the movement and become a part of Baseball For All. Together, we will show our girls that we believe in them and their baseball dreams.

Baseball For All is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

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Justine is the 1st woman to coach for a MLB org. (A's 2015)

& to throw batting practice to a MLB team (Indians, 2011).


Courtesy of Baseball For All

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Courtesy of Baseball For All