Battle Creek Belles


One of the last three cities to join the League was Battle Creek Michigan in 1951. That year saw a reorganization of the League once again. League officials were forced to cut the budget wherever possible. The paid administrators were dropped. A League Commission was appointed as the only paid administrator and players were told salaries for most players would be adjusted as needed to keep the League running. Most of the profits of the "Glory Days" from 1946-1948i were spent on development of junior teams, touring teams and massive publicity campaigns. 

The new organizational structure appointed the Commissioner to conduct all League business and all league personnel and players were the responsibility of the individual cities.  Myerhoff was no longer involved with the league after the 1950 season, and the Wrilgey-based advertising campaign had completely dissolved. Soon after the war, the smaller cities began to feel the effects of companies moving out of the League cities  creating a scarcity of jobs and increasing the decline of public attendance at the games and less local support from the business communities.