South Bend Blue Sox


South Bend, Indiana was the fourth city to be chosen to complete the AAGSBL, the  first baseball League in American History.  The city of South Bend was home to the Blue Sox for all 12 years of the League's existence and today is home  base for today's history buffs. The History Museum in South Bend holds the largest collection of memorabilia from the League and is well worth the trip to South Bend to visit the official Archives if you want to relive this unique history. Only one player, Dottie Schroeder, played in all 12 years She began her career in 1943, as shortstop for the Blue Sox. With Betsy Jochum backing Dottie in the outfield and and her heavy bat at the plate, the Blue sox ended the first season less than one tenth of a percentage point out of second place. The city of South Bend celebrated a highly exciting season to the end of the 1943 season.