Fort Wayne Daises


The Daisies were warmly received in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Unlike the failed attempts to establish teams in Milwaukee and Minneapolis, Fort Wayne was eager to bring a team to their city. Wrigley was determined to move teams into larger cities and Fort Wayne, being the second largest city in Indiana, was one step closer to bringing a team to Chicago and filling the bleachers in Wrigley Field.  Even though Wrigley was no longer personally involved in the administration of the league, he continued to support the league and his superior advertising campaign was increasing the crowds in the smaller cities by nearly 50% and yielding a profit for the cities.

Arthur Meyerhoff began his career as Wrigley's top advertising agent in 1932. Wrigley had many businesses to run and decided to sell the League to Meyerhoff after the first season. Meyerhoff managed the development of the League and its expansion. He took over full administrative duties for the league in 1944 and began enthusiastically to move the league in the direction of baseball to create an identity for the League as baseball a separate the game from softball. Upon successfully starting a sixth team, Meyerhoff started off the 1945 season by changing the League's name to  All American Girls Baseball League (AAGBBL).