Kalamazoo Lassies


The League steadily declined during 1949 and 1950. This led to another reorganization of the administrative arm of the League. The cities became the owners of the team in 1950. There were internal problems during the transition and veteran players players were leaving the League. The first city to be effected by the economic downturn that  was Racine Wisconsin. Even so, the League was able to add one more team that year in Kalamazoo Michigan. With the decentralization of the League, cities were responsible to pay for advertising and the league began to see the cities struggling to pay the players. 

Some teams struggled in the League as veteran players had left when salaries were cut and there were disagreements with the administration.  Some stayed out of loyalty and the love of the game.  Kalamazoo remained in the League until its demise and won the play-offs in the final year of play  becoming the last League Champions in 1954.

Source: http://aagpbl.org/teams/kalamazoo-lassies