Minneapolis Millerettes


1944 Champions

Wrigley's intent for the league was to expand it to larger cities in 1944. Mineapolis, Minnesota was one of two locations chosen for expansion cities. Wrigleyy spent thousands of dollars for publicity for the League in 1943 and the four original teams flourished in their respective cities gaining huge support from the communities and the press. 

Arthur Meyerhoff Associates Inc. was the advertising firm which handled the majority of the advertising for the League from 1943 through 1950.  Most of the advertising was centered around the Chicago area and the 1943 league cities. Minneapolis was already home to a semi-pro men's baseball team in the Northern League and  was seen as competition for fans who would  pay a price comparative to their  semi-pro men's team, to see the girls play fast pitch softball. There was also stiff competition with free softball games being played extensively in the city. The fans seemed uninspired by the girls and the press was unfriendly which all led to the demise of the Millerettes in Minneapolis.

Source: http://aagpbl.org/teams/minneapolis-millerettes