Muskegon Lassies


Muskegon,Michigan was one of the two locations chosen to become an AAGBBL League city in 1946. Arthur Meyerhoff, had been following Mr Wrigley's plans for expansion and with his support and the continuation of an aggressive advertising campaign, the popularity of the League was spreading across the midwest. By adding this second location in Michigan, Meyerhoff had extended the League's sphere as far to the East as it would reach. Recruiting and advertising continued to produce new quality players from the Eastern states into Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other coastal states to the north and south and Canada. Following Wrigley's plans for League expansion led Meyerhoff to organize a development plan for the future development of the League was shared by former baseball great, Max Carey who had just accepted the position of President for the newly formed AAGBBL "for profit" Corporation.