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Gus Greenlee Region - Filling the Void - Negro League Tournament - Round 1

While we may not have March Madness or even baseball for now, we can still have fun with a tournament of great Negro League players in our 64 player tournament

A review of where we are after the first 3 brackets:

Today we feature the first round of the Gus Greenlee Region

3 - Satchel Paige vs. 62 Peanut Johnson

Satchel Paige career highlights:

Peanut Johnson career highlights:

  • Posted a 33–8 win-loss record over two seasons.

  • Indianapolis Clowns (1953-1955)

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30 - Ray Brown vs. 35 - Quincy Trouppe

Ray Brown career highlights:

Quincy Trouppe highlights:

19 - Willie Foster vs. 46 - Toni Stone