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#Spotlight - 1942 Kansas City Monarchs - Buck's Favorite Year

#Spotlight – “…1942 was my favorite year…the best team I ever played with. Someone once asked Newt Joseph who he would take with him if he could play in the majors, and Newt replied, ‘The whole Monarchs team.’ That’s the way I felt about the ’42 Monarchs. I do believe we could have given the New York Yankees a run for their money that year.” –Buck O’Neil, I Was Right On Time


The Kansas City Monarchs were one of the great franchises in Negro Leagues history, but the 1942 version of the team may have been the greatest of them all.


The pitching staff featured two Hall of Famers - Satchel Paige and Hilton Smith

Plus Booker McDaniels, Connie Johnson, Lefty LaMarque and Jack Matchett.

Pitchers Smith, Matchett, McDaniels, LaMarque, Johnson & Paige

Behind the plate was Joe Greene, at the time second to only Josh Gibson.

Around the infield were Newt Allen (3B), Herb Souell (3B), Jesse Williams (SS), Bonny Serrell (2B), and Buck O'Neil (1B).

The outfield featured Willie Simms, Ted Strong and Willard Brown.

The team was managed by Frank Duncan who also happened to be the teams backup catcher.