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#Spotlight - Baseball Firsts

#Spotlight – This week we continue our celebration of Black History Month, looking back at the impact of African Americans on our National Pastime with “Baseball Firsts”.

In 1878 - Bud Fowler would become the first known professional black player on an integrated team when he plays in Lynn (IA) exhibition games. https://sabr.org/bioproj/person/200e2bbd

On May 1st 1884 – Moses Fleetwood Walker would become the first black major league player, playing with Toledo of the American Association.

October 1st, 1885 – The Cuban Giants who were formed by Frank P. Thompson would become the first group of organized players on a black team.

July of 1903 - Dan McClellan would become the first black pitcher to throw a perfect game for the Cuban X Giants - http://www.nlbemuseum.com/nlbemuseum/history/players/mcclellan.html

You can commemorate baseball’s pioneers by wearing the team’s colors that they displayed during their time in the Negro Leagues – Get your Negro Leagues gear – https://www.teambrownapparel.com


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