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#Spotlight - Women's History Month -Rachel Luba

This week as part of Women's History Month, we introduce you to some amazing women - today is agent - Rachel Luba

When Trevor Bauer signed his name on the dotted line to one of the largest contracts in MLB history as measured by annual value, ($40 Million + per year) he had himself, the Dodgers and a fiery agent making her name in the business - Rachel Luba to thank.

Luba, an elite-level gymnast got her start in the competitive sports world as a member of the UCLA Gymnastics team. Rachel would eventually compete for the UCLA Boxing team, winning a bronze medal at the National Championship for Women's Collegiate Boxing.

Turning to the Professional world, Luba graduated from UCLA and Pepperdine Law before going to work for the MLBPA working as a Salary Arbitration attorney. Luba would branch out on her own and in 2019 signed Trevor Bauer as her first client.

Luba would become the first female to:

  • Represent a Cy Young winner

  • Negotiate a $100M+ contract

  • First MLB agent (included males) to negotiate a $40M+ per year contract in MLB history

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