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Round of 32 - Gus Greenlee Region - Negro League Centennial Tournament

While we may not have March Madness or even baseball for now, we can still have fun with a tournament of great Negro League players in our 64 player tournament. Today the round of 32.

Gus Greenlee Region

3 - Satchel Paige vs. 30 - Ray Brown

Satchel Paige career highlights:

Ray Brown career highlights:

46 - Toni Stone vs. 14 - Ray Dandridge

Toni Stone career highlights:

  • Broke the gender barrier in the Negro Leagues as the first Female player

  • Began her professional career with the San Francisco Sea Lions (1949), where she batted in two runs in her first time up.

  • Replaced Hank Aaron on the Indianapolis Clowns

  • Hit .243 over 50 games including a hit off Satchel Paige.

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Ray Dandridge career highlights:

11 - Turkey Stearnes vs. 22 - Hilton Smith

Turkey Stearnes career highlights:

Hilton Smith career highlights:

27 - Ben Taylor vs. 6 - Pop Lloyd

Ben Taylor career highlights:

  • Initiated career as a pitcher for the Birmingham Giants in 1908. Made his name playing for the team one of his brothers, C.I. Taylor, managed and owned, the Indianapolis ABCs.

  • Batted over .300. During his career

  • National Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee (2006)

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Pop Lloyd career highlights:

  • Lifetime batting average: .343

  • According to the historian John Holway, Lloyd batted .337 (970 hits in 2881 at bats) in the Negro leagues. According to a recent study sponsored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame that covers the organized (post-1920) Negro leagues, Lloyd batted .343 with a .450 slugging percentage.

  • National Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee (1977)

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